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Monday, February 11, 2008

My Own Domain Blog

Since I've purchased my own Domain, I've been concentrating more on this website, blog. Having your own Domain, you can actually do or add a lot of stuffs in my web page. For wordpress, I can't even pun in a Technorati Widget to keep track of my Page Rank except Alexa or another icons.

I'll still update my blog at Wordpress but not as many as my new blog, http://www.myroommyview.com/. I hope my readers will doesn't mind as I keep on changing my website. Hehehe.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Page Rank - N/A

My gosh! My page rank is still not available. Guess my traffic must be very low. I know I'm supposed to update my blog regulary but I did, only at http://myroommyview.wordpress.com. Reader is still able to follow up on my latest update.

I have too many site, website and is very hard for me to keep track or update all in a day. That is why I migrated to wordpress where it sort by Categories. I only update daily into 1 website. When it comes to image, blogger is easy. Insert link or others, is also easy. Maybe is due too, I've been using Blogger for quite sometime.

Well, I guess, I'll have to update only this site once in a while.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Migrating My Blog

Hi Everyone. I'm migrating my blog & I know it has been quite sometime I since updated my blog. Well, I was kind of busy with work & partly, lazy too. Since I've been collectiong some photos lately, I'll update my blog more effectively at my new website. Click here

Beat Box - Greg Patillo

This will be my last piece of blog which I wanted to share with everyone.

Inspector Gadget

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Have been lazy and busy with work. I really didn't update my blog for a very very long time. I was thinking if I should start another blog about OL or Ladies Talk but still haven't work out. Mainly is because lazy.....hehehe

I've been working with the multi national company for the past 14 years and each company is different from another & I really learnt a lot. From Commercial to Industrial & some experience is not from the book which you can learn but by experience.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Hermit Crab Died

I feel so sad cos my Hermit Crab has died. Not sure what was the cause but I knew that for the past few days (almost a week), my Hermit is not eating. Hermit has been hiding in the shell & not active at all.

Yesterday evening, Hermit crawls out from the shell like wanted to leave the shell but not enough strength. Can see the abdomen and all legs plus clam also weak. I buried Hermit inside my flower pot.

This is how a Hermit Crab looks like without its shell. The abdomen is very very soft. Since it is dead, the smell is like a dead seafood.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Moon Bear

I've seen the documentary about the moon bear being caged in order to get the bile. If you've seen this documentary, you really feel sad. There was a metal tube inserted into the Bear's stomach in order to remove the bile from the gall bladder.

Some of the bear was unconscious or half dead when they were rescued. Some bear are still okay but you can see the tube is still sticking there & some are even rusted (according to the documentary). So sad to see the bear suffered as this is due to human cruelty because of $$$..........
Right now, there are still many bears out there that has yet to be rescued in China, Vietnam & Korea. AAF (Animal Asia Foundations) has now set up to rescue the bears, not only bears but others animals.

With the help from the Chinese government, bear farming will soon be a practice of the past, and the thousands of bears in bear farms today will live the rest of their lives outside iron bars. Why don't you help by donating? Even with a small amount of money by everyone will help to save the animals.

2) WWF

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Abandon Kitten - Part 2

The kitten is not drinking their milk. Under such circumstance, we have decided to take it to the vet for help. What you do is to pay certain money to the vet to take care of the abandon animals and the vets will help to look for people to adopt it.

We went to the vet to check out the kitten the next day & the veteran told us that her friend has adopted the 5 kittens as the kittens needs mother's milk as they are too young. One of the kittens leg was disorder and we asked the vet if is able to save that leg.

The vet told us that tentatively, she applies some medicine and use bandage to band the kitten's leg. Hopefully, the leg is able to save & the kitten is able to walk normally.